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NeoCardium Limited is a company incorporated in United Kingdom with a focus in developing and assisting development of a new category of cardiology devices. The clinical indications for company’s proprietary device technology include applications in the practice of interventional cardiology and the new branch of Regenerative Cardiology...read more

  ORIP OneTouch

ORIP OneTouch is not just another medical device; it is a platform technology that has wide range of potential applications based on proven effects of remote ischemic pre-conditioning...                       read more

Our business is helping companies succeed in mending broken hearts. Regenerative Cardiology is all that we do for our clients, and do it as no one else does.      read more

Restenosis Prevention

Estimated 7 million angioplasties are performed worldwide annually at a cost of €5,000 to €30,000 per procedure....read more

Reperfusion Injury

Revascularization surgery restores blood flow to ischemic myocardium limiting infarct size & reduces mortality, but paradoxically..read more

Regenerative Cardiology
Growing natural bypass to circumvent blocked arteries or regenerating the damaged myocardium is a new paradigm shift that has given birth to a brand new industry..... read more

   Neocardiogenesis is homeostatic regeneration,    repair and renewal of sections of malfunctioning    adult cardiovascular tissue by means of coronary       angiogenesis..... read more
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